Websites, Google, & Social Media

Every Realtor should have a website! Your prospective buyers, and sellers, want to see what's available and you want them to go to your website first. A great website will help you attract, and keep, your customers.

Top Reasons to have and maintain a website

Websites are a must and you can't find anybody to argue that point. One of the difficulties for a Realtor, or anyone, is the cost. To build a custom website you can check around and come up with quotes from $5,000 to $15,000. That's a lot of money for a new company, Realtor, or business. Luckily there is another choice, a business-based template website. Template website companies have been around long enough where most are not the "old" boring sites of years ago. Realtor sites offer features such as client lists, email farming services, various contact forms, and the ability to transform into a mobile site if a client uses a phone or tablet. The cost for a good template site is from $250/yr. to $500/yr. This includes the choice of templates, instruction, hosting and integration of your IDX.

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Once you chose a real estate website company (and I can recommend a few), you can follow the instructions and build the site yourself, or hire me and I can take care of that for you. I charge, generally, about $100.00 for each page built. Some pages, such as IDX and the contact page, don't take much work and I will include them for free. I use local photos for the pages as well as links that relate to your client base or business. I will also keyword and metatag the site (and photos) to help Google find your website.
Sanibel Real Estate

If you would like your website to show at the top of a Google search page, I can help you put together a Pay-Per-Click account with Google or Bing. PPC accounts, also called Adwords, are set up with a daily budget, lots of keyword phrases relating to what you do, and monthly tracking reports. PPC accounts are a bit difficult to understand, but it's a bidding process with other participants fighting for the same keywords. This week the phrase, "Sanibel Real Estate" cost $1.35 every time someone clicks on it, but you can also use a phrase such as, "Sanibel Homes For Sale" which is currently $.60 and a much better deal for you. Both search phrases will bring you a client looking for real estate on Sanibel. Less sought-after phrases "Sanibel Realtor" will cost only $.10 per click. These costs change as people bid on them, but you can set each phrase up with a maximum bid amount, and your account will never go above its daily budget anyway. It is hard to understand PPC accounts, but they will definitely send people to your site!

Social Media. There are so many ways to connect with new clients through different media. Facebook, Twitter, and a personal blog are probably the most important if you are a Realtor. Contact me and I can help you organize your media campaign.

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